First Steps

  1. Climatix IC user account is separate needed www.climatixic.com, options to get it:
    • Request to your OEM Tenant admin for an Tenant admin role
    • Request to a plant Owner for a User Role (privilege ‘CloudAPI access’ is needed)
    • Sign-Up a new plant on www.climatixic.com to get a plant Owner account
  2. Register a User for API Subscription-Key’s via www.climatixic.com/#/Administration/Tenants -> API accounts
    > Please contact your tenant administrator or Siemens sales representative if you have further questions to this offer.
  3. Read ‘API Introduction’ on portal.api.climatixic.com
  4. Start the API ‘Authentication’, use the user from step 1 to get the Token (authorization bearer)
  5. Secondly use the API GET ‘ViewNodes’ with the token before and read your application structure
  6. Afterwards use the specific API’s for DataPoints, Plants, Users, etc.



Example for GetDataPoints
with "parentId":
https://api.climatixic.com/DataPoints?parentId=[{"Plants": "P9595dd14-d8ab-4dda-806f-078b96b8e4fe"}]
with "filterId":
https://api.climatixic.com/DataPoints?filterId=[{"DataPoints": "P9595dd14-d8ab-4dda-806f-078b96b8e4fe;0!Online"}]